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Get the right house,
without any hassle.

Get the right house,
without any hassle.

House Hunting

At an introductory meeting, we will discuss what you need from us. Multiple housing concepts are compared with your needs, so that a realistic custom plan can be drawn up for you. After that, the active search begins for the most suitable home for you.

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House renovations

You will be provided with elaborated versions of the new floor plans made for you during the hunt for an appropriate house.

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Finding tenants

You have bought a house for your child to live as a tenant. Most of the time, he or she won't be living alone. If your child is not living with friends, we can use our network to find co-tenants.

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Property management

Now that your child is enjoying student life with his or her housemates, there are still worries left over for the owner: practical concerns big and small.

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About us.

Many parents saw with sorrow that their children couldn't find safe and affordable accommodation when they went to university. Their financial situation was good enough to buy an apartment for their child, but it remained unclear to them how to organise the purchase. The traditional brokerage wasn't up to handling their specific requirements.

Into this gap in the market stepped the young Jochem Kuijs, a descendant of a real-estate family. He collected specialist knowledge about the subject. Quickly it became clear that there was a great need for his guidance among parents with children in university.

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